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Hello everyone sorry for not posting in awhile I have been busy working on art for my mum's crafts that she is going to be selling soon!

I have been practising different things and practising with pro markers more so look forward to see some possible promarker art.

Feel free to ask me any questions as I would like to answer more questions from you all. 

Describe your character 

Name: Blackheart 
Birthday: 14th February.
Gender: Male 
Species: Demon (incubus)

How old are they? 

Age: 1508 

What is their job / role? 

 King of love ,a drag king who is a good Samaritan


What do they look like? 

Blackheart has flawless grey skin. His ears are pointed and elf like, which are pierced, He usually wears earrings as well as lots of jewellery. He wears a sliver crown upon his head that has ruby gemstones set in it. The crown he wears is not made of expensive materials in fact it is plastic.  

One of his  eyes has a black sclera and crimson coloured iris that sometimes will have a heart appear in it. The other eye is injured and is missing leaving a hole in his head and he wears a black eyepatch with a red heart sewn onto it to cover it. Under his eyes are tribal markings from the days when he was a pirate they are small black triangles. 

 He wears a lot of heavy makeup, which is usually in shades or red, black or pink. His hair is a short jet black which is usually heavily styled, sometimes he will dye his hair a pastel pink. colour. He always has his nails painted as well. 

He usually wears clothes that have frills, gemstones, fake fur or that have heart motifs on them and a pair of high heels to top it off. He always has an outfit to fit the occasion weather it’s a night out or a tea party. 

His aura is of a deep red colour and most people can sense his presence. 

Describe their characteristics: 

Blackheart is a celebrity that is seen on the big screen all through out the city. He has a chat show as well as many others that show frequently through out the day. 

 He is a good Samaritan that helps people who have hit rock bottom. He is known as the king of love because his heart is so big and full of love for others.  

He is rather flamboyant ,loud ,confident and sometimes too flirty for his own good. Despite this he can be easily angered and become aggressive also he has quite a few panic attacks. 

In his free time he enjoys reading, cooking ,playing piano and singing. 

Things he would say: 

"Darling even the best of us have scratches and bruises" 

"oh my darling ,its true, all of the best of us have broken parts and scratches too" 

"Take my hand, we'll make it " 

"my neighbour is anyone that is in need and we should all go as far as we can to help them" 

"Darling you different" 

"life is tough darling, but so are you!" 

"you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger" 

Name: Slinky

Nicknames: Prince fruit loop.

Describe your character

Gender: Male

Age: 25/ 2 in space years

What do they look like?

Slinky, who has fair skin ,which that has a shimmer to it when it catches the light and can glow like a star in the dark. is part of an alien species called a star child. He has many freckles as well as a small button nose.

He has small pointed elf like ears that are pierced usually he wears star studs earrings in them. On his face he has various piercings such as the ones on the bridge of his nose and the ones on his chin. His eyes are of two colours one is ocean blue the other forest green but can also change them from time to time.

His hair is half pastel pink and the other half is pastel purple ,which is usually full of colourful decorative hair clips and sometimes a decorative head band if he is not wearing his fluffy cream coloured teddy bear hat.

He will usually have plasters on his nose ,arms and hands as he is clumsy and always finds a way to accidently injure himself. Sometimes he addional decorations on his face such as glitter tears, multicolour stars beneath his eyes and many other decorations. In the centre of his forehead is a pearl.

He wears mostly pastel or rainbow coloured clothing, which usually have frills, bows, pom-poms or have themed motifs on. That usually are paired with necklaces ,accessories, rings and arms full of brightly coloured bracelets. He always carries a backpack on him that is covered in numerous badges and plush keychains.

He stands at (4 ft 10 in) this is because he has restricted growth. He was abandoned by his original family for this reason as he was seen as runt who was too weak to survive but he didn't let it get to him and never gave up.

Eventually he fell to earth landing in deep snow not able to move or wake himself up. He was found by a young man called Mortimer who took him under his wing and now looks after him. They are extremally close as Slinky had never been looked after by another in this manner. Slinky could not speak however Mortimer made him a voice box that helps give him a voice.

Describe their characteristics:

Slinky is a sweetheart that will do anything to cheer up his friends whether that is telling a funny joke or giving them one of his many colourful bracelets. Though he twitches when he is nervous or scared and is terribly shy, this causes him to bite his lips causing them to sometimes bleed. Despite this he can be easily angered and can be quite grumpy. Slinky sometimes suffers from headaches and hallucinations, this causes him to hold his head in his hands proceeding to curl up into a ball and rock back and forth.

But don't let his looks fool you. He may come across as sweet and innocent but He's a cannibalistic killing machine with a chainsaw.

Somethings he might say:

"yes it's dangerous but that's why its fun!"

"It's a Tuesday I don't know how to restrain my self"

"I'm trying my best to be polite ,but if you move that knife one centimetre closer to me. I will tear you apart."

"I am not human ,I never was so why are you expecting me to act like one?"

"In my defence I was left unsupervised"

"I'm gonna put cute stickers on your rotting corpse!"

Hello everyone,
   I am slowly getting back into uploading and drawing but for the time being would you  like to see me answer a daily character question?

I will use prompts or you can ask a question about a character(s) and I will answer them.please leave any questions down below and your opinion.

I have seen a few of these going around so I thought I'd give it a try!
At the moment I am still figuring out an exact voice for Blackheart but here are some ideas:

Spine? (Steam Powered Giraffe)

La Voix?


Jeffree Star??

Skully (is very close to his voice)
watch from 12:05 on wards to about 13:01
Ob-Seth-tion -AT- by CrystalBansheeQuestion from oddsockzx by CrystalBanshee Random Sketch for A Friend  by CrystalBanshee Meh! by CrystalBansheeAnother art trade  by Nanami-Cute

Mature Content

Art Trade with @oddsockzx by Armethyle

  CrystalBanshee                                                     Nanami-Cute                                       Armethyle 

[Art Trade] by Shattered-RubyShadowheart- Art Trade w/ Odd Sockzx by SilverMoon4401 Request for oddsockzx  black heart oc by Chains95 request for oddsockzx by Chains95 Art trade with cyber tint- black heart .:mlp :. by ClaireSketchOFFICIAL
xSpectral-Nightx SilverMoon4401 Chains95

My new style looks like squidwhiskers by oddsockzx Happy valentines and Happy birthday Blackheart by oddsockzx Blushing Blackheart by oddsockzx Blackheart Drawring by oddsockzx
Happy valentines and Happy birthday Blackheart by oddsockzx your just jealous! by oddsockzx Blackheart sketch by oddsockzx   Happy summer from black heart( completed version) by CrimsonChainsaw black heart oc by CrimsonChainsaw<  the first drawring of him ever from old account

thanks all for fan art/art trade/comishions/gifts!some drawrings are from my old account)
26 human years/2 space years


  • twitches when nervous or scared
  • has an unhealthy collection of stuffed animals
  • terribly shy
  • ambidextrous 
  • bites and chews his lips
  • unable to speak or uses a voice box
  • constantly injured
  • abnormally short
  • collects pastel and space themed items
  • easily angered
  • looks sweet and innocent but is not 
  • wears tons of hair clips and bracelets
  • Sometimes chew up dead things and spits them out
  • hallucinates and suffers headaches
  • sweetheart
  • likes to cheer up mortie when he is sad by giving him bracelets
when he ended up on earth ,he was taken in by cannibals but they got caught and sent to jail.Later on in his life he was sent to a laboratory where a pharmasic that tested non lethal chemicals on him and kept in a cage and given scraps of rat meat to eat for years.but eventually managed to escape and now lives with Mortimer.

+decora/fairy kai/sweet kai fashion
+plush toys 
+soft things
+love and cuddles
+pastel colours
-being ignored
-being told what to do

Prince Fruitloop by oddsockzx
I Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle wolves by Folkwe I support original characters by vero-g6-stamps I love black clothes by vero-g6-stamps Stripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-Rose heavy metal STAMP by peterdzign Criticism - Stamp by JWiesner I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion<da:thumb id="90574606"/> Horns Stamp by YoshikuniShiku Protected by Elves stamp by purgatori I speak Elvish stamp by purgatori I have POINTY ears stamp by purgatori Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Criticism - Stamp by JWiesner
Being Watched...Stamp by Roxx-1 friends STAMP by peterdzign Stamp: Art Trades OPEN by AaronBelli Stamp: Comissions OPEN by AaronBelli Stamp: Requests OPEN by AaronBelli I Love cake stamp by Lustfulwish thank you! stamp by piijenius I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I love purple stamp by violetsteel Pocky Love Stamp by milkyribbon OCs Stamp by himawari-tan I Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I love red stamp by violetsteel Pastel Love Stamp by milkyribbon Original Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJ Linkin Park Stamp by Sora05 I love black stamp by violetsteel stamp by DaemonB4 2-D: Talk To Me Stamp by veronica-the-fox Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Oreo support stamp by wrolin Gorillaz Stamp by Michio11 they/them pronouns stamp by urastamps male pronouns stamp by urastamps
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: Comment Stamp by Poiizu
'ello darlings~

I would like you to ask me some questions 
it can be anything!!

'eres some ideas: 
Bullet; Blackwhat do you do as a job?
Bullet; Red whats your favourite sweets?
Bullet; Black whats your favourite cake?:bademoticon: 
Bullet; Red Do you have a crush/lover?pink heart {big} 
Heart what happened to  your eye blackheart?
Heart who are you blackheart?
Heart what's it like living with blackheart?
Heart whats blackhearts  personality?

if your taged you insperational and awsome!
CrystalBanshee SquidWhiskers OMGitsSomething 
  • My eyes and hair colour is brown.
  • I'm an only child
  • I have been told I am older that I acculy am.
  • I have dyslexia and despraxia
  • i wear glasses with green lenses.
  • The last book I read was Breathe ( its a really good book about the world where oxygen is slowly running out and you have to be premium or pay for the air you use, the premium is devised by a test and a tattoo on the ear lobe. 
  • my fave fizzy pops are cola,fanta and docter pepper but I would rarther drink Arazona brand tea
  • my fave song lyric at the moment is from chelasey smile BMTH (I've got a secret, Its at the tip of my tounge, the back of my lungs,i know some thing you don't know.)
  • fave food is CAKE or OREOS (red velvet cake)
  • favorite colours black,red and purple
oc refs (blackheart)
Ref sheet

my collection of Blackheart's from me and many others:
OUTDATED Blackheart collection

Ask Blackheart's (not realy inportant)
Ask Blackheart (part2)

voice claims:(i did this as I saw others doing so)
oc voice claims (Blackheart)

Tagged! <tells you a little about blackheart

Anyone want to ask me anything?<tiny winy bit about him here.

Pinterest moodboard:…
thank you all! it means more than i can express!
and from now on in every journal im gonna ask u guys a question and you can awser if you want!

whats your biggest fear?
mines injections  and do you think i should do a meet the artist or artist vs art?
whats yours ?
I'm free to awser questions!

music i listen to?
fave food ?
anything else

and I can not thank you enough for watching , faving and giving me llamas

and never give up in yourself, I believe in you all!

What do you like most about my art style?

the sharp teeth?/pointy heads?/the eyebrows over the hair?/ect.

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  • Reading: maze runner
  • Watching: anime and markiplier play hello neighbor
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What do they look like?
-what does their face look like?
sharp and pointy 

-how many eyes/ arms/ legs (etc.) do they have?
1/2 or 3 
  -What is/are the common eye colour(s)?

-what is their skin like?
soft,fluffy,sharp or smooth

-what colour(s) are they?
grey and abnormal colourings.
-do they have hair?
  -what is it like?
punk, rocker or cyberpunk styled
fluffy and sometimes sparkly or shimmery 

  -What is/are the common hair colour(s)?
bright abnormal colours with some stripes of black or white 

-what shape are their ears?
big, elf ears

-what size are they?
   small or tall 

Are they considered mammals, reptiles, amphibians, bugs?

Are they warm-blooded or cold-blooded?
cold-blooded some are warm blooded

-what colour is their blood?
black,purple  or green

-how do they walk?
on all fours and on 2 feet 

-how do they communicate?
squeeks ,chrips and human languages (have a heavy accent)

-are they intelligent?
yes they are like humans

-what do they live in?
burrows like a rabbit but with doors on the front 

-Anomalies Specific to This Species:

is there something specific to this species that can help other species?

they love to help humans , their children and other species even though  are sometimes scared of them.

Mating and Procreation:

Do they mate?

Is there a particular season in which they mate?
winter or autum 

How many children do they typically have?

Do they lay eggs or give birth to live young?
lay  eggs 

How do they court each other?
-do they give each other gifts?
yes they celebrate the same holidays as humans 

-do they date?

What do they do to show affection for one another?
-do they kiss?
  -do they touch hands or lips or noses?
they rub their noses  against each overs (sometimes)

-do they hug?

-do they hold hands?
What do they do before the mating process?
 they bite , chase one another  and sometimes growl.

other mating info:
 they are polygamists (having many mates) or monogamists (having one mate)?

Notes about the species:
  • Listening to: linkin park
  • Reading: maze runner
  • Watching: anime and markiplier play hello neighbor
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: spring rolls
  • Drinking: kyoko real green tea
Do you think i have an art style?
and is it any good?

  • Listening to: linkin park
  • Reading: maze runner
  • Watching: anime and markiplier play hello neighbor
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: spring rolls
  • Drinking: kyoko real green tea

What kind of artist am I? 

 An 'Improving' Artist - Your talent is obvious, but it is not perfected. There are many things you can fix about your work, but that doesn't mean you aren't wonderful already.

 A 'Normal' Artist - You are a typical, everyday artist who wants to do their best and I have neutral feelings about you as a person.

 An 'Idol' Artist - You are an artist I look up to, get inspiration from, and sometimes I wish I had your talent.

 A 'Compassionate Caring' Artist - You are an artist who does what they can to help other people, even if it means putting down everything you're working on to help someone in need. Your art is great,

 A 'Whiner-brat' Artist - Your artwork is enjoyable but I strongly dislike and often am at odds with you as a person and your attitude.

 A 'Tunnel Vision' Artist - You draw a lot of the same subject matter and rarely divert from it, even when others suggest you should. As enjoyable as your work is your lack of ambition to variate subject

 A 'People's' Artist - You do what everyone WANTS you to do. You tend to work more on things everyone else wants than what you want to. If the community doesn't like it, neither do you.

 An 'Invisible' Artist - You're more of an enigma, choosing to upload art and stay off to the sidelines rather than participate too much with your watchers. You can tell you appreciate the attention you get

A 'Stuck-up' Artist - You have tons of fans yet you have sub-par artwork. You gain tons of attention and you soak it all up but pretend you're humble about it. Although you can be nice, most of the time

Chirotyx OMGitsSomething Grell2001 ClaireSketchOFFICIALSkyeWishesREAL Nanami-Cute animalover4six Armethyle SkyeWishesREAL 

taken from BoenUnknown 
  • Listening to: linkin park
  • Reading: maze runner
  • Watching: anime and markiplier play hello neighbor
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: spring rolls
  • Drinking: kyoko real green tea
'ello darlings~

I would like you to ask me some questions 
it can be anything!!

'eres some ideas: 
Bullet; Blackwhat do you do as a job?
Bullet; Red whats your favourite sweets?
Bullet; Black whats your favourite cake?:bademoticon: 
Bullet; Red Do you have a crush/lover?pink heart {big} 

many thanx blackheart
(P.S blackheart might get redesigned do you think i should??)

Chirotyx OMGitsSomething Grell2001 ClaireSketchOFFICIALSkyeWishesREAL Nanami-Cute animalover4six Armethyle 


(My favorite baby)

Name: Blackheart
Age: 1508
Birthday: valentines day
Gender: male
Species: demon(incubus)
Rank: King of love
Husband : Dr. Recluse/Seth CrystalBanshee 
Lying Venom by CrystalBanshee (art not by me)

Clothing: usely something with hearts on, anything revealing, colouring but is supposed to wear rich robes.
for better understanding click on this link:…

Accessories: eye patch (with red heart and cross on it) silver crown (red jewels on it) spiked collar (sometimes has charms on it) spike tail rings, earrings (one a bead chain loop the other a chain downwards and triangle end)

Distinguishing features: tribal markings under his eyes , his aura(it has a red colour) and his eye-patch.
Hobbies:cooking,reading,singing and playing the piano. 

 fluffy tail (winter and autumn) or demon tail (summer)

+pink, red and black
+spider webs
+valantines day

Dislikes:(still working on this)
-the fact that he is loud and sometimes upsets others
-loud noises
-Non-sweet things
-spicy foods

Personality: (+good/- bad/? i'm not sure)
+sweet hearted
-angered easily
-sometimes obnoxious
-sometimes scares people with flirty nature
-too flamboyant for his own good

Bullet; Red  He is an outcast to others as he is more of a friendly and nicer than most demons.But has a close group of friends which he adores.
Bullet; Black he was originally a cat! (lps custom)
Bullet; Red his crown is not real its a plastic one/cheaply made one ! (that the other high -up demons gave to him to be what they call "nice".other demons will wear expensive crowns or elaborate headdresses.)But he love's it eather way!
Bullet; Black he hoards socks.
Bullet; Red He has quite a few panic attacks.(this happens if he accidentally hurts someone he loves or something that causes him to think he has done wrong)
Bullet; BlackHe is easily upset.owers:
can glow a red colour when angered and can use magic but It is not very powerful

Blackheart Reference sheet by oddsockzx

'Ello, everyone!
I thought I should do a Q&A so you can get to know me better 
also, I would like questions for blackheart too.

(they will all be drawn as a  response or just typed if I don't have time)

you can ask anything here's a few idears:

Heart what happened to  your eye blackheart?
Heart who are you blackheart?
Heart what's it like living with blackheart?
Heart whats blackhearts  personality?

Death what do you recommend for  traditional drawings?
Death fave food?
Death fave colour?
Death do you want to collab/art trade/ect?

OMGitsSomething ClaireSketchOFFICIAL SkyeWishesREAL Grell2001
SquidWhiskers Chirotyx